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Maybe your group needs a break?

Do you want to strengthen friendships, or give your group a fresh sense of direction?

Travel is the ultimate transformative experience. It ignites the adventurous spirit and fosters a profound sense of connection.

I know... I've experienced it — and I can lead your group there.

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Group Travel about Ben Sellick, Monrovia Travel

Meet the Founder, chief planner and travel guide — Ben Sellick

Hi, I'm Ben. Throughout my travels, I've discovered that the most unforgettable moments are found in authentic experiences shared with fellow travelers. The relationships cultivated during my adventures remain some of my closest friendships.

Drawing from over 35 years of expertise in the travel industry, we've developed Group Getaways — a new division of Monrovia Travel that gives groups the opportunity to experience the world together.

Let me craft a transformative travel experience for your group, igniting adventurous spirits, fostering stronger bonds, and leaving them revitalized, energized, and inspired upon their return home.

Together, let's make your travel dreams become reality!

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Why Group Getaways by Monrovia Travel?

We craft unique itineraries tailored to your group's vision. Seeking a relaxed travel experience? Consider it done. Craving adventure? With our local connections, we'll take you there. From casual and fun to 5-star luxury, we accommodate all budgets.

Unique Experiences

We avoid the conventional tourist path, opting instead for expert, discreet local guides who will lead you to secret waterfalls, hidden beaches, local cafes, and ancient cultural sites. Your memories will be of extraordinary, local encounters that last a lifetime.

Group Travel: Unique Experiences - Monrovia Travel

Foodies Welcome

We believe your dining experience is an important aspect of your travel. From the finest restaurants to cozy cafes, we tailor our recommendations to satisfy your group's palate. Whether you prefer familiar flavors or crave local cuisine, we're dedicated to bringing your culinary vision to life.

Group Travel: Foodies Welcome - Monrovia Travel

Free time

Travelers need free time to soak in their surroundings and relax. Ample time is integrated into your itinerary for free exploration, leisure, and practicing rejuvenation.

Group Travel: Free Time - Monrovia Travel

Giving Back

We believe the most unforgettable travel experiences involve giving back to others and nurturing the natural environment. That's why we offer genuine opportunities for you to make a positive impact by supporting local artisans and engaging in eco-friendly practices.

Group Travel: Giving Back - Monrovia Travel


For groups of 12 or more, our itineraries offer the 'Hosted by Ben' option. If you'd like me to join your group as a guide, advocate, and facilitator, ensuring seamless transitions between activities, please mention it during your free discovery consultation!

Group Travel: Groups of 12 or more - Hosted by Ben - Monrovia Travel

Limited Time Special Offer

For a limited time only, Monrovia Travel is providing a Free Discovery Consultation and Platinum Advisor Services for all Group Getaways clients! A $150 value!

Our Platinum Advisor Services Include:

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